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Meet the Artist

Lois is pictured with Isabelle, a non-releasable 

Red-Tailed Hawk. She takes Isabelle to schools, parks, libraries, etc. In her presentations, she talks about Isabelle as an individual bird, natural history of the Red-Tailed Hawk and other species, as well as their place in the environment. Lois holds Federal and State permits allowing her to have this bird.  Isabelle has been with Lois all of her life. She is currently 22 years old.

Lois’ artistic journey began at an early age. As a young child, she discovered a great love of animals, which she fostered by spending as much time as she could with them. This experience led to her deep appreciation and respect for their natural beauty, the role animals play in our lives, and their important place in the world. This love of animals made them natural subjects for her art. Throughout her childhood, her talent as an artist blossomed as her passion for animals grew.

Lois began her formal art education at age 12, and she soon developed the portrait style that has earned her a loyal following. A natural gift for capturing the inner personality of her subjects is evident in her ability to evoke their expressions, and the breathtaking accuracy and detail of the portraits showcases her uncompromising craftsmanship.

Her reputation as an award-winning artist has grown and, by request, Lois has expanded her portrait work to include people. Watercolor and graphite pencil are her most common media, although oil and acrylics are also used.

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